TuneLab News 

TuneLab for iPhone 4.2 Update. (December 2015). This contains some minor bug fixes and user interface improvements, including yellow highlighting when partials change and when offset adjustment is enabled. A bulk download of your tuning files from Dropbox is now available.

TuneLab for Android 2.1 released (November 2015) This fixes a help screen crash on Android 5.0 (Lollipop), a button visibility problem on some devices on note select screen, and some minor user interface improvements, including "pinch zoom" of the Spectrum Display. We also fixed a bug in restoring tunings when using Dropbox file and TuneLab is closed and restarted.

TuneLab for iPhone 4.1 Update. (October 2015). This fixed a major iOS 9.1 compatibility bug that caused the phase display to jump continually.

TuneLab Pro 5.0c released.(August 2015) This contains some minor user interface improvements.

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