TuneLab for Android Phones and Tablets, v2.8


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System Requirements:

Installation Instructions:

  1. In your Android device, enable the loading of apps from "unknown sources". This setting is usually found under "Security" in your device's settings. It may also be called "Allow installation of non-Market applications". Check the option that says "Allow installation of non-Market applications".

  2. Open a web browser to this page on your Android device.

  3. Tap on "AndroidTuneLab-2.8.apk" to download that file to your Android device.

  4. After you download that file onto your device, it will be in the Downloads folder in your device. Locate the Downloads, either from within your browser or through a File Explorer app on your Android device.  Tap on the file. That will invoke the package installer which will actually install the software onto your Android device.

As a separate operation, download the manual: TuneLabAndroidManual-2.8.pdf.   This is most easily done from your desktop or laptop computer where you have the option of printing it or displaying it on a large screen. The program itself has much of the same information as the manual in its built-in help files, which are accessible from within the program. But for the most complete documentation, the manual is the best source.


  1. To run TuneLab after it has been installed, from your Android home page go to Apps.
  2. Within Apps, look for "Piano Tuner" with an icon that looks like a tuning lever. Tap on this icon to run TuneLab.


  1. Initially TuneLab Piano Tuner runs in free-trial mode. In this mode it has all the functions and abilities as the paid mode.  But it will display a message about free-trial mode for two minutes every 14 notes. This is the only restriction in free-trial mode. In order to eliminate these messages and pauses you can license your Android device for $300 USD.

  2. Go to www.tunelab-world.com/cart and make arrangements for payment.

  3. When we receive payment we will send your license information by e-mail with instructions on how to switch to paid mode in your Android device using your license.

Alternate Installation Method: If you would rather download the "AndroidTuneLab-2.8.apk" file with your desktop or laptop computer instead of downloading directly with your Android device, then here is how you can use that file to install TuneLab on your Android device:

  1. Plug your Android device into the USB port of your desktop computer.  On some Android devices you may need to take additional steps to make the Android device show up in your desktop computer, such as when the Android device is initially configured to treat the USB connection as "charge only."
  2. On your desktop computer, copy the downloaded file to the the Downloads folder of your Android device.
  3. On your Android device, find the Downloads folder and tap on the downloaded file to do the installation.

Yet another way to transfer the downloaded .apk file to your Android device is by sending yourself an e-mail with the downloaded file as an attachment.  Then retrieve the e-mail on your Android device and activate the attachment.