Bluetooth Devices for Organ Tuner app

The Organ Tuner app may be used with approved Bluetooth temperature sensors to perform automatic temperature compensation while tuning.  It can also be used to control the keyboard and stops of MIDI-equipped organ through the use of Bluetooth/MIDI Adapters.

The following Bluetooth temperature sensors are supported in the Organ Tuner app.  Each model of Bluetooth sensor has its own protocol that must be provided for to get them to work with our app.  Only these sensors will work.  As new sensors become available we will try to add to this list by supporting them within our app.

Organ Tuner supports the following temperature sensors:

"Inkbird IBS-TH1 & TH2" temperature sensor from Inkbird
(Look under "Smart Sensors" category.  TH2 is nicer because it uses common AAA batteries while the TH1 uses a 2032 coin cell battery.  The TH2 is currently my top recommendation.)

"Govee H5074, H5174, H5075 and H5179" directly from Govee.
(Look under "Smart Appliances / Smart Senors."  Only H5075 and H5179 are currently listed on the Govee site.  The H5074 and H5174 may still be available from resellers like Amazon.)

"Oria Wireless Thermometer" available through Amazon for $12.99, and also sold through Walmart.under the name of "Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor" for $16.20 currently.  Even though Walmart does not use the "Oria" name it is exactly the same Chinese product in exactly the same box.

"Moat S2" temperature and humidity sensor from Moat

"Tempo Pebble" and "Tempo Disc" sensors by Blue Maestro
(Tempo Pebble is discountinued, but we still support it.  Tempo Disc is still current.)

"myBlue-T" temperature sensors by WeatherHawk
(discontinued by the manufacturer, but we still support it if you have one.  Excess stock may still be available from resellers on eBay, etc.)

The following Bluetooth/MIDI adapters have been tested with Organ Tuner for controlling the keyboards and stops as a key holder.  However any standard Bluetooth/MIDI adapter should also work.  When such a device is connected to the app, Organ Tuner can do things like hold down the key for whatever note is selected for tuning and select which stops to pull out, all from your tuning location, provided it is within Bluetooth range of the adapter plugged into the organ, which is about 50-100 feet (15-30 meters).  Instructions are in the help files and the on-line manuals.

"Yamaha MD-BT01" Bluetooth/MIDI adapter.  It is powered by the MIDI port in the organ.
Available from and others.

"Roland WM-1" Bluetooth/MIDI adapter.  It is self-powered by a AAA-cell battery.
Available from and others.