Why Dropbox support is changing

If you are accustomed to accessing your tuning files through our Dropbox interface, please note that this kind of access is no longer supported. You must explicitly download all your Dropbox file to your device as described below before they can be accessed.

This past summer (2016) Dropbox announced to all the software developers using Dropbox in their apps that they would end support for the current Dropbox Internet interface on June 28, 2017. This gives us developers one year to update all our apps (like TuneLab) to use the new Dropbox web interface. Otherwise app users like you will experience a sudden failure to connect to Dropbox from within our app in June 2017. So TuneLab is changing now to use the new Dropbox software so that everyone will have a chance to update their TuneLab before that deadline.

The new Dropbox interface does not provide the kind of file explorer access and file caching that TuneLab has implemented so far. Therefore the new Dropbox interface in TuneLab will be simpler and functionally different from what it was before.

In the updated TuneLab all tuning file accesses will be to local files stored on your device. They will not be "in the cloud" at the time they are being used, and TuneLab will no longer have a "cloud storage mode". Instead TuneLab will provide functions to explicitly upload all your tuning files to Dropbox, or download of all your tuning files from Dropbox.

If you do not update TuneLab before the June 2017 deadline, TuneLab will continue to operate normally in every respect except for Dropbox. After June 2017, the old versions of TuneLab will behave as if there was no Internet access. So if you want to continue to use Dropbox in TuneLab, please update to the latest version of TuneLab before the deadline.