Audio Narrowband Filter.  An app for Android devices that filters sound to bring out any selected pitch.  It is useful for training the ear to hear beats in aural tuning.

Piano Tuning Simulator.  A Windows program that simulates piano tuning. You can adjust the pitch of recorded WAV files and play intervals with those adjustments and hear the result.  The WAV files are recorded from a real piano, and so they realistically model inharmonicity.  What you download here from this link is the Windows setup executable.

Temperament Designer.  A Windows program that can be used to calculate the 12 offsets of an historical temperament based on aural tuning instructions.

Engine RPM.  See how audio signal analysis is applied to produce a precise audio tachometer for engines of all sorts.

Eyeglasses for Close-up Work. An article written based on a class given at the 2016 PTG Convention.

Older versions and outdated programs: