The label in the auto note switching button tells the type of auto note switching that will occur when auto note switching is enabled. When automatic note switching is enabled, the software automatically will switch to another nearby note when it hears that note being played. The note switching modes are "Manual Note", "Auto Up", "Auto Down", and "Auto Both". Manual Note mode means that the software will not do any automatic note switching. In this mode, the only way to switch notes is to use the manual note or octave changing controls. The three automatic modes will switch as much as 300 cents away from the current note. Auto Up will switch only to higher notes. Auto Down will switch only to lower notes. Auto Both will switch in either direction.

If a note is played that is more than 300 cents away from the current note, unpredictable note switching may occur. If this happens, you can take corrective action by manually switching back to the correct note.