Montal Tuner was designed to be used with VoiceOver. It should also be used with headphones so that the sounds from VoiceOver do not feed back into the microphone and interfere with tuning.

The normal operation of VoiceOver applies throughout this program, except where noted. Items can be found by touching them, or by swiping left or right to cycle through all the items on the screen. Items like buttons can be activated by double tapping after they have been selected, or by touching the screen with a second finger while the item is still touched by the first finger.

All screens have been enabled for the two-fingered Zee gesture, sometimes called the Escape gesture. This gesture normally is like a Back button. It takes you back to the previous screen. In some cases it performs a function too. When taking a measurement of inharmonicity, doing an Escape gesture on the results screen is the same as activating the Save button. It saves the measurement, which customizes the tuning, and then it returns to the main tuning screen. When used on the main tuning screen or the Settings screen, the Escape gesture alternates between these two screens.

The program sometimes uses VoiceOver to speak things that are not on the screen. For example, when starting a pitch raise, VoiceOver tells you when to play each note for pre-measurement.