Montal Tuner

Montal Tuner is the first professional piano tuning app made exclusively for blind piano tuners. It is available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (in iPhone compatibility mode) by clicking here:

Most piano tuning apps for sighted users have some form of strobe-like display for fine tuning. These strobe-like displays may take the form of a circular spinning pattern or a row of moving boxes. Montal Tuner presents that sort of information in the form of a sweeping tone that sweeps upward in pitch to indicate sharp and downward in pitch to indicate flat. The rate of the sweep indicates how sharp or flat the note is.

The sweeping tone is not a pure tone. It is deliberately made to be an impure whooshing sound so that the user can hear the pure tones of the piano at the same time with minimal interference from the Montal Tuner. You can listen to this sweeping tone by playing the following samples:

5 cents flat
2 cents flat
1 cent flat
0.5 cents flat
0.5 cents sharp
1 cent sharp
2 cents sharp
5 cents sharp

The main tuning screen looks like this:

The screens have been optimized for the blind user, and the VoiceOver function of the device should be turned on. The manual for the software can be found here.