Non-equal Temperament Files

Click on any one of these temperaments to download the temperament file.  If the text of the temperament file just appears on the screen of your browser, then select "Save As.." in your browser to save the temperament file on your hard disk.  Or, you could just copy down the 12 offset numbers and enter them manually into a new temperament file that you can create with TuneLab.

1-4 Syntonic Meantone
14th-cent Pythagorean
1797 meantone
1799 meantone
17th-cent meantone
Alexander Metcalf Fisher
Alexander John Ellis 1875 Q-E ("Q-E" stands for "Quasi-Equal")
Alexander John Ellis 1885 Q-E
A Merrick Q-E
Almost Equal - Di Veroli
Anton Bemetzrieder Pythagorean
Augustus De Morgan unequal
Bach - Bradley Lehman
(decoded from Bach's ornamental flourishes)
Balanced 16
Bremmer EBVT-1
Bremmer EBVT-2
Bremmer EBVT-3
Broadwood Best
Charles E Moscow Pythagorean
Christiaan Huygens 31
Coleman 11 (from Jim Coleman, Sr.)
Coleman 16 (from Jim Coleman, Sr.)
Coleman 4 (from Jim Coleman, Sr.)
Early 18th-cent well
Ellis tuner well 2
Ellis tuner well 4
Ellis tuner 5 Q-E
Equal-beating Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Equal-beating John Preston well
Equal-beating Prinz well
Equal-beating Charles Earl Stanhope
Factory tuners 1840 Q-E
Fisk II
Francesco Antonio Vallotti well
George Frederick Handel well
Gioseffo Zarlino 2 7th
Gottfried Keller 1 5th ditonic
Harald Vogel 1-5 comma meantone
Henricus Grammateus Pythagorean
Howard Willet Pyle Q-E
Improved William Hawkes meantone
Jean-Le Rond D'Alembert
Jean-Le Rond D'Alembert well
Jean Jousse well
Jean Jousse Q-E
Johann George Neidhardt Pythagorean
Johann Philipp Kirnberger well
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Q-E
Johann Christian Gottlieb Graupner Q-E
John Holden 1 5th syntonic
John Marsh 4 25th syntonic
Kirnberger III
Mark Wicks Q-E
Neidhardt-Marpurg-De Morgan Pythagorean
Peter Prelleur well
Pietro Aaron quarter syntonic
Rep 18th cent well
Rep Victorian well
Robert Smith 50
Rousseau French Standard
Stanhope Equal Beating
Stanhope 1-3 Comma
Theoretical John Preston well
Theoretical Charles Earl Stanhope
Theoretical Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Theoretical Prinz well
Thomas Young 1
Tuner's Guide well 1
Tuner's Guide well 2
Tuner's Guide well 3
Tuner's Guide Marsh Q-E
Tuner's Guide Becket Q-E
Vallotti-Young well
Vallotti Well (1750)
Viennese Q-E
Werkmeister III
William Hawkes 1 6th Mecator
William Hawkes meantone
William Tans'ur well