What TuneLab Users Say.....

"TuneLab is amazingly good and also very responsive. It saves me a lot of time compared to tuning the piano aurally. And to be honest: TuneLab does a better job also. Especially in the high treble section in my opinion." - Peter Dobbinga, Netherlands.

"I am truly amazed at the product.  Up to now I thought electronic tuning aids were only good for setting temperament but this software blows all my long founded misgivings away. To you and the team that created Tunelab...Thank you." - Richard Young, Leicestershire, UK.

"I have to tell you that the new version can produce results that I never thought possible from software.  From concert grand to spinet the 3 part tuning using 12ths in the bass is the first time any machine or software has tuned the bass to be musical and equal to excellent aural tuning. It is the first major advancement in decades." - Steve Jackson, Toronto, Canada

"The best thing I ever did in the tuning business was to purchase your tuning app. It has saved me countless hours on pitch raises not to mention the toll on my arms and joints. I have nothing but compliments on my tunings from you guys." - Steve Winger, Prince Frederick, Maryland

"It's really a brilliant program... I never want to be without it! It is by far the best money I have ever spent for my piano business." - Bryan Henry , Jackson, New Jersey

"Thank you for a fantastic tuning software. I was educated as pianotuner at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm to do the work by ear, and at my exam I got the highest grade. After forteen years of tuning all by ear with all the challenges that comes with it I discovered your fantastic software. The features in the software are a great help." - Mårten Winnberg , Landskrona, Sweden

"I have been using TuneLab on my iPhone for the past three years to perform quick and accurate pitch adjustments as well as fine tunings. In addition to traditional aural methods, I use this program daily in the field to create accurate tunings in as little time as possible. I am very impressed with the pre-measurement feature that is used to make over-pull calculations. TuneLab makes tuning even in the most difficult situations a breeze!" - Jimmy Espinoza, RPT Grand Rapids, Michigan (www.pianotuningrpt.com)

"Thanks. I was a little skeptical in the beginning, tuning by ear 27 years. But I changed my mind about this TuneLab that you have made! I use it every day in every tuning I do, and I'm very satisfied with it. Thank you for making the job easier." - Göran Wallander, Leksand,Sweden

"Tunelab Pro works great for tuning with a Windows 8 tablet (Windows 8 full version, not Windows 8 RT). For those who want to have the best of both worlds (full PC functions and touch screen tablet convenience), this is the way to go! I am using Tunelab Pro 5.0 daily, and the touch screen enhancements really make it easy to use on my Lenovo Yoga tablet /convertible PC." - Don Mannino, RPT

"Having been an active tuner/technician for some thirty six years, I'd consider myself abnormally fastidious where tuning accuracy is concerned. In the few years that I've now owned the Tunelab, I can unequivocally state that its tuning accuracy is quite impressive aside from being "user friendly." Moreover, any questions or issues that I have are always answered thoroughly and to my complete satisfaction by Bob, on those occasions when I've needed to contact them." - Mark Mandell, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Thank you for such a GREAT product!....I downloaded the free version of Tunelab an started tuning with it.....I told [my mentor] about the program, showed him how it works, and even tuned his personal piano.  He was so impressed that he has downloaded the trial version and has begun using it too.  After using the trial version, I decided that it was well worth the money to pay for the program. I have around 60 customers now, and 100% of them have been pleased with the tuning of their piano, some of these are even well-renowned piano teachers/pianists/music teachers in my area (One in particular was our Missouri Music Educators Assoc President for the state of MO last year). Most are amazed at how Tunelab changes the sound of their piano, giving it a warm, rich tone." - Ryan Hassell, Farmington, MO

"I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent product.  I am a university technician and maintain a heavy tuning volume.  TuneLab is reliable and gives me beautiful tunings , and makes it easier to sustain a high level of service throughout the day.  I was once an aural tuner only, but now I can use either one when necessary." - David P. Welton, Miami, FL

"Thanks so much for the beautiful workmanship that went into this program . . . I think that TuneLab is the most user-friendly, logical and down-right friendly ETD in regards to the marketing when compared to the other ETDs on the market." - Mark Larin, Ontario, Canada  

"The technician's ear is always the final judge in any tuning, but I am very grateful for this fine little tool which is capable of consistently calculating tunings close to my aural method, thereby affording some left-over time & energy to indulge those other interests." - Otto Keys, Moscow, Idaho

"I looooooooove the spectrum graph on TuneLab--really makes those top-octave unisons easy (well, easier).....I was so blown away by TuneLab that I couldn't and still can't see why RCT would be worth so much more.....I think the Tunelab documentation is pretty darned good and the use of the device is just a breeze.....It just seems a fine product, to me, for me, at a better price." - Alan Barnard, Salem, MO

"Having tuned aurally for 30 years, I was convinced that no machine could match my ear. I have found TuneLab Pro to be an exceptional help in achieving tunings that are not only crisp and clean, but also warm and vibrant. I bought the program to help in my School tunings. I was working in situations where aural tuning was difficult and extremely fatiguing. Once I got the hang of using TuneLab, I started using it for all of my tunings. Thanks for providing me with such a wonderful tool." -Pat Gainer

I found the tunings to be, to my ear, more "musical."  The temperament octave was smoother, more to my liking.  This program quickly reduced my stress and increased my productivity.  Tuning actually became fun again.  TuneLab has been a breath of fresh air for me.  I think this program is very cool and has allowed me to already, in just a few months, probably make a few thousand dollars over what I would have, due to being able to carry a heavier tuning schedule, and with less stress and frustration.  Before TuneLab, I felt I was experiencing burnout, and now I have a new lease on my professional life as a piano technician..   -Lyle Wood, RPT

I've tuned pianos by ear my whole career and was skeptical about the switch, but it only took a few tunings to realizing how solid my tunings became because of the visual I now have.  And the pitch raises are quite amazing.  Thanks for the great tool.   -Sam Whitmire, RPT