TuneLab News

TuneLab for Android 2.8: Uses the new "forever license" that makes it easier to change to a new Android device.  Also supports optional Dark Mode.  Tunelab for iPhone 4.6 now also supports Dark Mode:

This is dark mode.

Instructional Videos.  A new section with a list of videos has been added to the home page. So far we have videos for a normal tuning, adjusting the offset, pitch-raise tuning, and two videos on 3-part tuning.

TuneLab for Android 2.4, TuneLab for iPhone 4.4, TuneLab for Windows 5.2 Update. All three platforms were updated to support 3-part tuning as a better alternative to the classic TuneLab tuning curve calculation, and a new "auto-all" note switching to switch from any note to any other note.

TuneLab for Android 2.3 Update. We added a File Search bar to "Load Tuning", plate strut compensation to over-pull mode, and adapted the Dropbox functions to the new protocol required by Dropbox.

TuneLab for iPhone 4.3.1 Update. We added a File Search bar to Load Tuning, plate strut compensation to over-pull mode, and fixed a compatibility problem with iOS8.

TuneLab for iPhone 4.2 Update.  This contains some minor bug fixes and user interface improvements, including yellow highlighting when partials change and when offset adjustment is enabled. A bulk download of your tuning files from Dropbox is now available.