TuneLab for Non-Touchscreen Smartphones

Notice: Version 4.0 is the last version for this product. No further updates will be made for TuneLab for Non-Touchscreen Smartphones. This software is no longer offered for sale. Existing customers may still download the software, as indicated below.

If your smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier you can have TuneLab on that device even if it doesn't have a touchscreen.  These phones are the non-touchscreen variety as in the Motorola Q Phone or the Samsung Blackjack.  If you have a Windows Mobile phone with a touchscreen, then it is actually a Pocket PC - Phone Edition, and you can use TuneLab Pocket instead.

You can download the software and the manual for the program here.  The manual tells how to install TuneLab on your Windows Mobile Smartphone, so download both files:

TuneLab for Smartphones software:  tunelab_sp_setup.exe  (188,972 bytes)
TuneLab for Smartphones manual with installation guide:  tunelab_sp_manual.pdf (1.9 Mbytes)

System Requirements:

Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 or 6. TuneLab does not support Windows Phone 7.  In order to install TuneLab on your Windows Mobile Smartphone, you need to have your Smartphone connected to a computer running Windows and ActiveSync (a program that comes with your Windows Mobile device).  This version of TuneLab has been used on the following models of Smartphone:

Motorola mpx220, i930
Motorola Q Phone
Samsung Blackjack
QTEK 8020
Installing from a Macintosh Computer:

If you have a Macintosh computer, you can use Missing Sync software to connect a Smartphone to your Mac.  Then copy the following file to your Pocket PC:

tunelab4sp.cab (83,688 bytes)

Then find this file on your Smartphone using a File Manager (supplied by some cellphone vendors) and launch this CAB file.  That will perform the installation.  After TuneLab is installed, you can run it by finding it among the programs from the Start menu.  Be sure to download and print the  manual too.