TuneLab Pocket

Notice: This product is no longer offered for sale. Downloads of the program and documentation for existing customers are still available.

TuneLab Pocket turns a Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier Pocket PC or Smartphone into a powerful and compact Electronic Tuning Device. (It does not work with Windows Phone 7.)  Those who have already purchased the software can download the software, manual, and installation guide and tutorial here:

TuneLab Pocket software:  tunelab_pocket_setup.exe   (291,403 bytes )
TuneLab Pocket manual:   tunelab_pocket_manual.pdf   (932K)
TuneLab Pocket installation guide and tutorial:  tunelab_pocket_guide.pdf   (170K)

TuneLab Pocket has the following features: 

TuneLab Pocket is designed to run on Pocket PCs made after 2002, or Smartphones with Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier. TuneLab does not support Windows Phone 7 or 8. In order to install TuneLab Pocket, you need to have your Pocket PC connected to a computer running Windows with ActiveSync (a program that normally comes with the Pocket PC); or in the case of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need Windows Mobile Device Center.  Special third-party software is available to use a Macintosh (see below).  See your Pocket PC supplier for details on connecting to a PC.

Orders for new purchases of this product are no longer accepted.

Alternative Installation Methods (using the .CAB file):

If you can get the following file transferred to your Pocket PC or Smartphone, you can install TuneLab with it:
tunelab4pocket.cab  (247,696 bytes
If your device has a built-in Internet connection through wi-fi or cellular Internet, then Click here to see how to use such a connection to download TuneLab directly into your device. If you have a Macintosh computer, you can use Missing Sync software to connect a Pocket PC to your Mac and do the transfer.  Or, if your Pocket PC takes SD or CF cards, and if you have a means to write to these cards from an Internet download, then use the SD or CF card to transfer the file. 
However you get the file there, find this file on your Pocket PC using File Explorer and tap on it.  That will perform the installation.  After TuneLab is installed, you can run it by tapping on the "TuneLab" icon, in the Programs menu.  Be sure to download and print the tunelab_pocket_manual.pdf and the tunelab_pocket_guide.pdf (the installation guide and tutorial) too.
If your Pocket PC was made in 2002 or early 2003, then it might not be able to load the .CAB file shown above, because that .CAB file has a digital signature, which is required for newer devices. If you would like an unsigned .CAB file to install on one of these older devices, then you can download it here:
Unsigned tunelab4pocket.cab  (243,688 bytes) (older devices only!